Mana Fabrika designs and manufactures custom hardtops with solar energy panels for luxury yachts. 
We have been designing, manufacturing and refitting luxury yachts since 2001 in our 1500 sq m production space in Tuzla, Istanbul’s main shipyards.

Let Your Shade Give You Light!
The solar panels in the hardtop roofs we sign and manufacture, bring sustainable energy to the blue seas.Our custom hardtops for catamarans, sailing boats and motor yachts are made from composite and aluminum.We design fixed roof windows and retractable hardtops (manual or electronic) that offer a vista of the jibs, mast, sails and the sky. The design of the hardtop is key to owning a beautiful boat you can proudly call your 
Custom Design!
Our custom design and manufacture process start with your preferences and needs. In addition to durability, function and aesthetics, we incorporate energy considerations into the design process.As solar panel technology progressed in the recent years, boats are now more sustainable and can produce electricity for everyday needs, which enhances the comfort aboard the boat. Hardtops with solar panels are environmentally friendly, silent, economical and low carbon-footprint.
 Compared to the sound, smell and fuel consumption of generators, solar panels are a real improvement to life on board.The design of a hardtop involves substantial engineering. While speed, friction, resistance, weight and durability under inclement weather conditions are general considerations, calculations of the wind are especially important for sailing boats and catamarans. Engineering plays a major role in the making of a lightweight yet durable hardtop that is in harmony with the lines of the hull and the boat’s design.
Where we live at sea and on land is an expression of our identity and being. It shows how we make our difference and where we belong.
The right relationship between space and user triggers our creativity, deepens our sensibilities, and adds colour and
variety to our lives.

Ugur Köse
Griffin Yachts Founder
Interior Designer
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